Corporate Workshops

Putting some flowers may look easy to a layman. However, may it be a bouquet or a centrepiece, it requires a keen eye & the understanding the basics of principles & techniques for floral arrangement. Once you get hold of the basics, the whole process becomes relaxing & therapeutic. A beautiful flower arrangement never fails to grab attention of your guests.

Taking inspiration from mother nature, our bouquets lean towards a more rustic yet elegant styles, perfect for you who love a bit of personality in your blooms.
Whether you’re looking to learn more about floral artistry, arranging from foundation courses to intensive or try out a new hobbby, we could customise for you.
Students are coached & encouraged to grow their art, the goal is progressive , not prefection.

Terrariums are great for people living in small spaces or for those with green fingers. They are low-maintenance, space-saving & simply gorgeous, making them great additional to any home or office to brighten up your space.

Altough being easy to care for, questions do arise about the essentials of terrariums.

Mystic Gardens provides workshop & expert knowledge in caring for your terrarium & other interior landscaping solutions.

Learning is a journey that never ends. Each discovery reveals another mystery waiting to be understood.

Learning Journey broadens your mental horizon by bringing learning out of the classroom or office.

Our learning journey is highly customizable & delivered through an multi-disciplinary, experiential approach. It can be conducted as a standalone or intergrated programme to foster:

  • Social emotional learning elements
  • Improve communication, social & intrpersonal skills
  • Boost team spirit & a sense of belonging
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