The Art of Kokedama

String gardening is what I enjoy!

Kokedama is a moss ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. You may display your creation on a dish or suspend it in the air. The idea has its origins in Japan, where a combination of the bonsai & kusamona planting styles.

Houseplants are my favourite plants for kokedama due to their space-saving & easy to care for qualities. Here we have Cryptanthus pink Star, Podocarpus (little bonsia), African Violet as well as pothos (money plant) which are mostly shade-loving.

Supplies as following:
> A houseplants of your choice such as pothos, philodendron or ferns & herbs can all make up the floating green oasis.
> Potting mix with good aeration since the plant will be living in restricted environment. The perlite & peat moss in conventional potting mixes will be a good choice.
> Twine or floral wire or any non-biodegradable cord.

> Remove the plant from the pot, sculpt your damped potting mix around the roots as spherical as possible.
> Lay out the sheet sphagnum moss to enfold the root ball , then using floral wire or twine to randomly wrap the string around the ball by starting at one end of the string, then tie a firm loop around the top side of the ball & make a double secure knot.
> Keep the string taut aound the plant so you will be able to suspend it later. Once you have come to the end of your string, tie it off on a neighboring string. You may add more string if you want to at any time.
> you may want to beautify your kokedama by using a pair of tweezer to push bits of holland moss in betweeen your creation.

Kokedama must be watered regularly. one method is to feel the weight of the kekedama over time. When the ball feels light, it can be submerged in water for 20 to 30 mins once a week. Gently squeeze it to remove excess water until it stop dripping. You may mist the moss in between watering to keep them fresh & green.
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