Floral Art

As sun colors flowers, so does art color life.

Floral design is the art of using plant materials & flowers to create a eye-catching & balanced composition. Evidene of refined floristry is found as far as the cluture of ancient Eygpt.

Putting some flowers may look easy to a layman. However, may it be a bouquet or a centrepiece, it requires a keen eye & the understanding the basics of principles & techniques for floral arrangement. Art work incorporate the elements of floral designs: line. form, space, texture, & color, & the principles of floral design: balance, proportion, rhythm, contrast, harmony, & unity. Once you get hold of the basics, the whole process becomes relaxing & therapeutic. A beautiful flower arrangement never fails to grab attention of your guests.

Taking inspiration from mother nature, our bouquets lean towards a more rustic yet elegant styles, perfect for you who love a bit of personality in your blooms.
Whether you’re looking to learn more about floral artistry, arranging from foundation courses to intensive or try out a new hobbby, we could customise for you.
Students are coached & encouraged to grow their art, the goal is progressive , not prefection.