About us

The flower, the sky, your beloved can only be found in the present moment…

Mystic Gardens is created with a humble desire to share the love for nature and to bring happiness to those we touch.

An array of Mystic Gardens:

We offer interactive team bonding face-to-face workshops, LMS online courses as well as ‘Live’ workshops via zoom.

We embrace art with technology by using laser machine, 3-D printer as well as sewing/embroidery to enhance our creations.

We create bespoke floral bouquets, customized terrariums, creative handicrafts to suit all occasions at our e-shop.

We transform your living space into a customizable floral and botanical sanctuary with our creative horticultural placement solutions.

Our vision is to create a holistic MG Maker Community to enable individuals & groups to realize their potential & gain confidence, creativity along with knowledge & skills through our workshops, courses & products.